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WRS is a professional AV repair center and insured service provider that provides skilled electronics repair for professional AV equipment and instruments. We also provide services including consultations, fabrications, and installations.


Commercial or residential AV installation including audio, lighting, and video systems. Partial or full integration into new or existing spaces. Fully insured for liability. Email or call for an estimate.
Bring your gear in, and it will go through Disassembly and Diagnosis ($90 flat fee). After D&D, you will receive a call or email with the estimated repair cost. You will be updated regularly throughout the repair process with any necessary pictures or documentation.
Any custom project from high power cabling to speaker cabinets, give WRS an email or call to discuss the project and create an estimate.
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Michael Gardo
My name is Michael Gardo, and I am the founder of Waveform Repair & Services. I was born and raised in Raleigh, NC and have been involved with electronics and music from a very young age. At 7 y/o I began piano lessons and quickly came to love the world of music. When I was about 12 years old, I started building circuits, taking things apart, and tinkering with electronics. In high school, I quit piano lessons and learned to play by ear. At the same time, I began building more complex 
circuits like guitar pedals and amplifiers while also fixing a wide range of electronics from projection screen TVs to remote control cars. High school was also the time where I started learning the art and science of live audio engineering, running sound and being a stage hand for a wide variety of local events.
After completion of high school, I was accepted into NC State where I pursued and completed my BS in Electrical Engineering and a Music Minor in Piano Performance. During that time, I played in several bands, worked with local audio electronics technicians, and grew my skills an audio engineer. Throughout all of the rigorous engineering classes, my passion of music and electronics continued to grow. I graduated NCSU in 2022.
Currently, I reside in Raleigh, NC, still involved in live events and production. I work for myself and this company, and also part-time for an electrical engineering company in Wake Forest, NC. I am very grateful for all my clients, and I am very encouraged by the growth that Waveform has experienced in the last few years!


Owner and Technician



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